Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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To the past, the present, and the future, I dedicate this book.  To the past because I came out of it, to the present because I live in it, to the future because my children shall inherit it. ~Ruth May Fox

Homemaker's Must-Have Apron
Learn Something New This Summer:  Cross-Stitch in 5 Minutes
Easy Hats to Sew Gift (beginners)
Fruit Basket Liners
Kitty Cross-Stitch Sampler (show and tell)
Retro Yo-Yo Quilts
T-Shirt Quilt Tutorials

Pioneer Crafts
Pioneer Day Posts
Clove-Studded Fruit
Old-Timey Button String and Bracelet
Star-Spangled Shelf Paper
Pioneer Rag Dolls
Corn Husk Dolls
Yarn Dolls
Pioneer Handkerchief Dolls
Pioneer Chick Lit
Children's Pioneer Recipes
Flip Over Old Fashioned Games
Children's Pioneer Day Event
A New Twist on Pioneer Hay Sticks
Achievement Days Book Review: Sarah, Plain and Tall
Achievement Days Country Fair
Pioneer Children
CopyCat Magazine Little House Unit
Pioneer Day Toy
Native American Culture Activities for Kids

Camping Crafts
Swaps:  Some Favorite Campy Things, camping part 2
Fabric Scrap Flip Flops (YW colors):  camping part 1
YW Theme Shelf Sitter:  camping part 1
YW Value (water-proof) Matches:  camping part 1
Young Women's Camp

  Snowman Soup Gift:  Christmas traditions, part 4
  Pinecone Fire Starters Gift: Christmas traditions, part 3
  Wrapping Gifts and Making Bows
  Paper Snowflakes Decorations: Christmas traditions, part 3
  Wooly Sheep Ornament: Christmas traditions, part 3
  Santa's List Ornament: Christmas traditions, part 3
  Rudolph the Paper Reindeer Decoration: Christmas traditions, part 3
  Countdown to Christmas Craft
  Applesauce Cinnamon Cutout Ornaments
  Christmas Pageant
  Cookie Tea (Exchange)
  Red-Hots Crock Pot Cider
  SpaRific Bath Mixes to Give
  Candy Cane Reindeer Ornaments
  Retro Christmas Stockings
  Fragrant Vintage Ornaments
  Festive Fruit Basket Liners
  Natural Angel Ornaments
  Christmas Coffee Cake
  Snow-Couple Bell Ornament
  Homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries
  Quick and Easy Piping Bag for Gingerbread Cookies (White Frosting)
St. Patrick's Day
  St. Patty's Day Family Night

  Bird's Nests and Jelly Bean Poem
  Boo Boo Easter Bunnies
  Easter Games
  Resurrection Eggs
Senior Tea
Mother's Day
  Bath Potpourri "Tea" Bags
  Mom Mix

  Active Meditation for Serious Relaxation
  Spirit Soothers
  Scents that Soothe
  Aromatherapy Bath Potpourri "Tea" Bags
  Meditation Made Easy
Big Fish Book Review (commemorate Dad by
reading the book or watching the movie on Father's Day)
Favorite Fourth of July Traditions
Origami Earrings
Chick Lit for July
Crystal Garden
Old Fashioned Travel Games
Jello Popsicles and Kool-Aid Playdough

Trick or Treat Family Night Idea
October Traditions: Fun with Cookies
October Traditions: Chicklit, Songs, Activities
October Traditions: Autumn Days
Boys Like to Dress Up Too!
Better Than Potpourri Brew
November Traditions
Simple Oktoberfest Family Meal (foil cooking)
Fall Fun
When There's Nothing Else to Eat (leftover turkey salad)

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