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Grateful Living
Home Decor
Picture Groupings
Living Small
Small Room Decorating Tips
Nesting...Book Review: Wabi Sabi Style
Decorating with Vintage Linens
Updated Armoire in Vintage Green
Homemakers: The Homebuilders of the World
Grateful Living: Scaling Down to A Mobile Home
Grateful Living Series: Dress Up M. H. Windows
Grateful Living: Repurposed Trunk
Grateful Living: Repurposed Armoire
Grateful Living: Class Up the Mobile Home Fireplace
Grateful Living: Front Porches
Grateful Living: The !#*! M.H. Walls
Grateful Living: M.H. Spa Retreat
Grateful Living: My Collection on Reflections of Home

Company's Coming: organization, part 1
Christmas Party Games, Christmas Traditions part 4
Cookie Swaps, Ornament Swaps..., Christmas Traditions part 4
Holiday Books and DVDs List, Christmas Traditions part 4
Senior Tea
Luau Party
Relief Society Birthday Party

Mothers and Homemaking
Homemaking Journals
Homemaker's Quotes
Learning Homemaking Skills
Setting Organizational Goals: organization part 2
I Love Erma Bombeck!
Get Off the Dual-Earner Treadmill
10 Things I Learned from My Mom
My Glamorous New Career
What Do Homemakers Really Do?
Builders of Homes
Resurgence of Homemaking
Dian Thomas Rules!
Tips for Toddlers
"En Bonn Ménagère..."
Time Out for Homemakers
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Love Affair with Pantries
How to Teach Children Responsible Behavior
Homemakers: The Homebuilders of the World
  Consistently Clean
  Winter Days:  Cleaning Schedules
  Cleaning:  Team-building Time for Families
  Cleaning Clothes
  Cleaning that Prevents Allergies
  Nifty Recycling Bins
  Deep Cleaning Kitchens and Bathrooms
  Eliminating Closet Clutter
  Laundry Rules!
  Chick Lit
  Creative Homeschooling
This is a quick list of all the posts I have done that might be remotely interesting to anyone who teaches (school, homeschool, church...):
Healthy Sack Lunches for Kids
November Traditions
Healthy Choices for Picky Eaters
Christmas Library Story Time
Christmas Crafts
Christmas Legend and Lore
Mothers as (Homeschool) Teachers
Chick Lit
Creative Homeschooling
Art Badge Camp
Teaching Children to Cook
Sample Primary Newsletters (Parent Communication)
Chick Lit for July
Native American Culture Activities for Children
CopyCat Magazine Little House Unit
Achievement Days Country Fair
Achievement Days Book Review: Sarah, Plain and Tall
Children's Pioneer Day Event
Pioneer Chick Lit
Corn Husk Dolls
Activities for Girls
Girl Scout Favorite Things
How to Love Scouts
October Traditions:  Chick Lit, Songs and Activities
Greatest Gifts to Give a Grandchild
Fall Fun
Free Learning Websites
  Where Necessary, Tweak the Ideal
Health -
  Curing Scalp Acne

Measuring Up
In the Eye of the Beholder
The Real McCoy: Authentic People
Measuring Up: Integrity Quotes
Measuring Up: Improvement Quotes
Measuring Up: Time and Preparation
Measuring Up: Testimony Quotes
Measuring Up: Service and Empathy Quotes
Measuring Up: Sabbath Quotes
Joyful Quotes
Homemaker's Quotes

My homemaker's journal includes all things related to homemaking: all of the things special to me, traditions I have instilled, secrets, tips and more...My homemaking experiences include homeschooling my children for ten years, volunteering as a Girl Scout Leader for my girls' troop from Daisies to Juniors and volunteering with Boy Scouts, (when my son was 8-12 yrs.) Recently, I have completed a cookbook for my church.

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