Friday, June 14, 2013

Perfect, Easy Biscuits

There are a few things that I think every homemaker should be able to do well, and one of those is make perfect biscuits.  I found a fabulous recipe for 7up Biscuits using Bisquick from  I was so excited to find this different and easy recipe using Bisquick since I make my own homemade version of a quick mix which uses wheat.

The recipe can be found and printed out at  I will describe the process adding some helpful hints for those who may be biscuit-making novices.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Heat the oven to 450 degrees F.

I go ahead and melt one-fourth cup of butter in my 9 x 9 inch pan in the oven.  Be sure to take the pan out when butter has melted so it won't brown.

Place two cups of Bisquick, or your own quick mix, into a large mixing bowl.  You can make a well in the center if you like and place a half-cup of sour cream (I like Daisy).

I actually work the sour cream gently into the Bisquick with my fingers until the sour cream has wetted most of the flour mixture thoroughly.

Then I pour 7 Up into a half measuring cup but more-than-likely, I will not use the entire half-cup.

Just sprinkle the 7 Up by Tablespoon over the top of the sour cream and Bisquick mixture.  Use a fork to fluff the 7 Up throughout the mix.

When most of the Bisquick has formed a ball in the center with just a little bit still hanging to the sides of the bowl, the dough is probably ready to gently knead together on a lightly floured counter.  The key is to use as little flour when kneading and only knead enough to be able to pat dough into a square.

Since I don't want to overwork my dough, I don't bother with the biscuit cutter.  I just pat the dough into a square slightly smaller than the measurements of my 9 x 9 inch pan (or 8 x 8), rather than use a rolling pin.

Use a sharp knife to cut into squares.  Then I place each square right onto the butter in the pan basically in the same exact way that I patted and cut it out on the counter.

Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until golden on top.  Cool in pan on a cooling rack (if they last that long!)  They are best served hot from the oven.

Baking Mix Recipes to Try

I like having the biscuits slightly connected so they are flaky and  moist.  This recipe is so good, the texture is almost like making yeast rolls.  This would be a great recipe for camp and cooked in a box oven!  My box oven instructions can be found at Homemaker's Journal, Easy Outdoor Cooking Recipes post.

For more delicious Quick Mix recipes see Homemaker's Journals beautiful and delicious Christmas Coffee Cake post and scrumptious Quick Mix Pancakes found at Some Favorite Campy Things, part 2.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as our family has.  I like to experiment with recipes using soda pop as an ingredient.  How do you use soda in your favorite recipes?


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