Friday, June 3, 2016

4 Tips for Pinners

I loved Pinterest from the moment I first discovered the site.  It’s like having a bazillion magazines sent directly to me to pore over infinitely.  Now I don’t forget what I have found or have to tear and paste pages and put them into a binder.  Also, I really enjoy looking at other Pinner’s boards to add to my own collection.  However, I never look at Group Boards (the boards that have people icons next to the title) because it’s too overwhelming.  The Type A personality in me HAS to get to the end of the list.  You try it! I promise you won’t get to the end of a 1000 pin board.

Of course Pinterest can be a solely individual endeavor, but if you are interested in other people exploring your Pinterest Pins, I have some tips based on my own experience:
1. Limit how many pins are on each board.  If there are enough to need to click a “get more pins” button, consider creating several new boards.  
2. Occasionally check boards to
            Eliminate pins you have pinned more than once
            Make sure your pins were placed on the right board
            Check links and make sure they go to the right place.
3. Pin directly to an individual blog post instead of the blog’s home page.  Before you pin, click on the post title.
4. Pins should directly link to their original source.  If the pin’s picture and description refers to a tutorial of a particular blog site, it should go directly to the blog with the tutorial--not to a blog that is linking to the tutorial.  That seems deceptive on Pinterest.
Final comments:
Doing a show and tell post about completing a project found at another blog is great, and sometimes the writer has improved on the original design.  They don’t want to do a tutorial but refer to a useful tutorial that inspired them.  Pinning your own well-developed post about completing a project with a link to the tutorial seems fair.  However, sometimes it feels as though I am being sent on a wild-goose chase to find what was actually pinned on Pinterest.  That seems deceptive too.  It's a big pet peeve for me and I do not put those types of pin on my Pinterest boards.  I just edit the pin and change the link to the original source in that case.  I hope these tips help other pinners.


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