Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Family Resemblance Album Page Layouts

You know what is scary?  Going to a family gathering with cousins you have not seen in forever and freaking out because your cousin who should be in her thirties is standing in front of you as her 14 year-old self!  After doing a double, triple-take, common sense comes in and of course this must be the cousin’s own child!  

But how can they look so similar at similar ages?  Genetics I guess. And here are two examples of photos that inspire a “Family Resemblance” page of course!!!  Not only has the above experience happened to me, but my own daughter inspired many double-takes as well.  I remember an uncle seriously perplexed how my teenage-self apparition could appear before him many, many years later.  It was pretty funny to watch.  

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I can’t wait to put together my own page or two inspired by these touching and captivating photos.
Just gorgeous!
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Scrapbook Page Inspiration

Something all four of these scrapbook pages have in common is there is only one spotlight photo or even no photos.  I think the “Twenty Quotes I Like” page could showcase a special favorite photo as well.  Also unique about these examples is how journal inspiring they are.  I have a personal journal of favorite quotes and it would be so awesome to include a page devoted solely to my love of special quotes.  A page devoted to meaningful quotes would reveal much about the scrapper’s personality and character.

“10 Things I Love About Being a Mom” is not only a touching tribute, but also a wonderful journal prompt.  I could see even longer responses being given with more details.  Or this could be a recurring theme in successive albums.  The spotlight photo would show changes in the scrapbooker from album to album and create a timeline theme that is consistent throughout the family albums as the years go by.

Sometimes I only have that one great shot that I want to scrapbook so the page has to be extra special--extra creative.  That’s why I love the “Seaside” page with its simplicity and minimalist beauty, yet the page is filled with a lovely memory.  This is a mostly wordless journal page with only a short caption to capture the moment concisely.

A Pinterest album page layout idea just makes me smile.  Where would I be without Pinterest?  I remember having to use bookmarks to help me relocate all the amazing stuff and things I found on the Internet.  I usually would just give up in the end.  I also had an Idea Book that had years of clippings from magazines carefully filed away.  But when I found Pinterest, “the world became my oyster.” 

Of course I would want to create a fabulous (yet simple in design) album page devoted to one of my favorite and helpful past times. This can also be a wordless journal page with just a Pinterest Board title to say it all.  As with the real Pinterest Board, choosing a catchy board cover photo is very important and draws the viewer to click on for more.
These Pinspirational album page layouts have made my priority list when I sit down to get creative with my family photos.  I hope they inspire you as well.  Please visit my Cuttin Up” Pinterest Board to see all the wonderful ideas I have come across so far.
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