Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Family Resemblance Album Page Layouts

You know what is scary?  Going to a family gathering with cousins you have not seen in forever and freaking out because your cousin who should be in her thirties is standing in front of you as her 14 year-old self!  After doing a double, triple-take, common sense comes in and of course this must be the cousin’s own child!  

But how can they look so similar at similar ages?  Genetics I guess. And here are two examples of photos that inspire a “Family Resemblance” page of course!!!  Not only has the above experience happened to me, but my own daughter inspired many double-takes as well.  I remember an uncle seriously perplexed how my teenage-self apparition could appear before him many, many years later.  It was pretty funny to watch.  

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I can’t wait to put together my own page or two inspired by these touching and captivating photos.
Just gorgeous!
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Dianna said...

Wow, what a great idea for scrapbooking! I want to try it some day.

Heather Allen said...

Yes it's at the top of my to do list. Would be beatiful framed as well ☺


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