Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Four Parts of My Traditional Holiday Planner

I have been fine-tuning a holiday planner for many years that is based on our family's Christmas traditions. I started finding that we were forgetting or leaving out some of our "favorite things" we like to do at Christmas. This is a four-part series that has everything I want to put in my planner, (a work-in-progress). Ultimately, this will become a Christmas Section of my Homemaking Journal to hand down to my daughters and granddaughters. 

Table of Contents:
      1) Preschool to Third Graders (Countdown Chain)
      2) Fourth to Sixth Graders (Clove Orange)
  a) Ornaments
    1) Santa’s List
    2) Wooly Sheep
  b) Paper Reindeer Decoration
  c) Easy Hats to Sew (Beginners)
  d) Pinecone Fire Starters
  e) Paper Snowflakes
  f) Christmas Card (Magic Reindeer Mix)

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