Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Traditions: Boo Boo Bunnies

Place a "surprise" in a plastic egg and tuck it into the Boo Bunny for a special Easter gift.

1.  Remove any tags from wash clothes.  Lay the face cloth flat, turning at one corner, roll it to the center.
Place something heavy, like a book, onto the rolled-up facecloth, so it won’t unroll.  Beginning at the opposite side, tightly roll it to the end.  You now have a long sausage with pointy ends.  The pointy ends will be the Bunny’s ears.

3.  Fold the facecloth in half, so that the sausages are together and the smooth side is outside. 

Tie a piece of string around the end of the folded facecloth.  Tie it in a bow, as you will need to remove it later.

4.  Glue the pompom tail to the facecloth, where it is bent.
Allow glue to dry.

5.  Fold the facecloth again, at the string.  The pointy ends should point toward the tail.  Wind a strong rubber band around the facecloth to form Bunny’s neck.

6.  Untie and remove the string.

7.  Tie the ribbon around Bunny’s neck just behind the rubber band, making a bow on top.  Remove the rubber band.  Trim the ends of the ribbon, if you wish.

8.  Make eyes with two dots of T-shirt paint, (or embroider on).

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