Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heritage Albums

Here's a great Creative Memories handout I used for a scrapbooking class for heritage albums:

"Assigning Colors to Your Family Lines
Memories that are rescued from attic chests and basement boxes become even more treasured keepsakes when they find a home on an album page.  To begin your heritage album, choose a color of photo mounting paper for your mother's photos/memorabilia.  Use this color of photo mounting paper to accent pages of your mother's childhood to adulthood.  Choose another color of photo mounting paper for your father's photos/memorabilia.  Create pages of your father's childhood to adulthood using the second color of photo mounting paper.

When your parent's lives begin to intertwine (photos of their courtship or marriage) begin to use both colors of photo mounting paper."  

"Heritage Journal About...
Who in your ancestry you feel you are most like.
When and Why your ancestors immigrated.
When your ancestors were born, married, passed away, and What they did for a living.
What family traditions you carry on.
Who the family photo historian was before you.
What stories you remember hearing told.
Where the photos were taken.
What was occurring in the world at the time the photos were taken.
Who from your family has had the greatest influence on you.
What your favorite family story is.
When important family events occurred."
(Creative Memories Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas, Vol. VI, 1999, p. 43)

"Wedding Journal About...
What made you fall in love?
How did your family react to news of your engagement?
Why did you decide on your wedding date?
Where did you find your dress, cake, ring, veil, etc.?
Who gave the wedding toast?
What songs were sung at the ceremony?
Where did the bride and groom first meet?
When did the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon?"
(Creative Memories Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas, Vol. IV, p. 65)

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