Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Capturing Your Pets

Don't forget your pets when scrapbooking!  They deserve a page or two all to themselves.  Above is one of my more recent pages devoted to our cat "Kitty."  

Pet Journaling Prompts:
Who named your pet, and how did they choose it's name?
What kinds of games do you play with your pet?
Where does your pet love to sleep or hide?
How does your pet show you how much he/she loves you?
Why is your pet is so important to you?
What tricks does your pet know?
When and Where did you get your pet?

For the layout below, cut circles for animal heads from card stock.  Cut triangles for ears and noses with scissors.  Cut dog's mouth freehand with scissors.  The journaling and layout idea (shown below) is from Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas, Vol. VI, p. 53.
Layout design by Lynda Kanase

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