Monday, May 9, 2011

Scents That Soothe

With herb gardens producing like crazy everywhere, I was interested to read about the uses of these and other plant-based oils to promote well-being.  Roman Chamomile's properties aids digestion, relaxes and calms, lessens the severity of headaches, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  It may be used to soak away worries and tension by adding 8 to 10 drops to bath water just before stepping into the tub.  Make sure to mix well.

Clary Sage has a complex scent often used to treat premenstrual symptoms and to calm emotional crises quickly.  To use, dilute 4-5 drops in one tablespoon unscented vegetable oil (such as wheat germ or jojoba).  Massage into skin, breathing deeply.  It has a slight narcotic effect that my be exaggerated if you are drinking alcohol.  So use with caution.  (Might have to check the Word of Wisdom on this one!)

Lavender is often found in sachets, with a soft scent that has a relaxing effect that can coax you to sleep.  some hospitals diffuse lavender throughout rooms to help ease patients' insomnia.  Massage oil into the palms and soles of feet (it absorbs quickly into the bloodstream) to help with sleeplessness.  Or add a drop to your pillowcase (lavender essential oil won't stain fabric) for sweet dreams.

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