Monday, June 6, 2011

Touch of Class: Graduation Layouts

Oldest Child's Graduation Layout
I cut one scrapbook page in half with a paper cutter so that I could make a pocket page.  It is held on with adhesive.  I use a protector cover which I slip off to see the pocket contents which include momentos and cards.  Before filling the pocket, I decorated the page just like any other layout.

On my pocket page, I used only a few "Finishing Touches" using most of the space for pictures from graduation season.  The final touch will be my journaling penned in with fine-tip pens.  I have also typed up my journaling when I plan to write quite a bit.  It saves room.

Here's a tip for aligning your alphabet stickers:   Place them on the backing paper of leftover tape runner coated paper.  When ready, simply place the top half of the letters on the album page and remove the strip of coated paper.  Press down the lower half of your letters for a perfect title.  

Aligning Stickers
Layout by Cristine Zocchi
(Source: Creative Memories Vol. VI Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas, p. 69 and p. 39).

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