Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kid-Sized Personal Histories

I know I got this page from the Friend Magazine, I just can't find the link!  The parent fills in the top part and the child fills in the bottom part.   This is awesome for just getting a few interesting memories down quickly during Family Night or a Sunday afternoon.  Be sure to put them in the personal history portion of the family book of remembrance (family history album).  This page is a great way to involve children in making their own books of remembrance by beginning their own personal history.  This might help them write experiences that are meaningful to them now.

Here are some other ideas and links for including family history on family night:

  1. Prepare a small section of the family book of remembrance (personal histories section?) with key photos interspersed with appropriate comments to illustrate the growth and development of your family.  Share this often.  Small children will especially enjoy listening to family experiences being shared.  Go through family pictures, baby books, souvenirs--when children were too young to remember--incidents they will enjoy hearing about such as my eldest child's first smile, or how she would look out the window on a winter's day while Dad was fixing the car and yell "Da!" over and over and was thrilled when he would take time to wave back.  Or after my son experienced riding in a big rig with his dad he from then on would point and yell, "Truck!" whenever he saw another big rig.  Or the middle child who would always exclaim, "I need a hug!" when she sensed she might be in trouble.
  2. Family history can be interesting and colorful.  Even children, who can't write yet can start a book of remembrance.  Let them tell you what their drawings represent, and write a caption underneath the pictures.  For instructions visit "Picture Journals."
  3. Collaboratively as a family or on their own, write "What we remember best about our life in our family," even if they are not necessarily spiritual but made you and the family happy.
  4. "25 Terrific Ideas for Family History Fun" is a great source for family home evenings, especially for teens.

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