Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Hand-Drawn Scrapbook Borders

The layout shown is one I probably found in a Creative Memories Idea Book.  I needed some way to use up a bunch of little stickers.  I also like how the whole page is filled and it's a montage of photos from my oldest daughter's childhood.

Before scrapbooking merchandise became so plentiful, I started out using pens in what I thought were clever ways.  The above shows cute, simple borders that anyone can do with a Zig pen from the craft shop.

Here's a sample I did to show how simply you can decorate a page.  If you don't like to draw, you can use micro stickers in the same way.

Here are two ways I like to dress up my handwriting.  You'll notice that all of the vowels are lower-case but the same size as the upper-case. 

By adding little slashes at the end of each letter, you have a different look for your handwriting.  I also like the little fish in waves drawings.  
The line-dot-line-dot is easy to do with a straight-edge.

All of these examples were drawn free-hand but you can use a light board found at scrapbook supply stores to trace anything you want.

Click below for more finishing touches from Scrapbook Page Design and Layout Ideas, Vol. VII, p. 39:

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