Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow-Couple Bell Ornaments

Snow-Couple Bell Ornaments
2, 6-1/2 inch square pieces cotton batting
1, 4x4 inch piece of black felt
2 tiny jingle bells
2, 1-3/4 inch diameter clay pots
2, 6x1 inch homespun scraps
2, 14 inch long pieces light-weight wire
4, 1 inch cinnamon sticks
4 buttons
2, 1 inch diameter wooden balls
white, black, and orange paint
small brush
heavy thread
sewing needle and glue
Allow paint to dry after each application.
For each head, paint wooden ball white.  Paint an orange nose on face.  Use marker to draw eyes and mouth on face and add details to nose.  Paint pink cheeks on the snow lady.  Cut two 6-1/2 inch diameter circles from batting for bodies.  Trace patterns, onto tracing paper.  Using patterns, cut one each of hat crown, hat top and hat brim from black felt; and ear muffs from green felt.
For each body, use heavy thread to work running stitches along edge of batting circle.  (A sample of running stitches can be found on my Natural Angels post).  Center bell on circle and place flowerpot over bell.  Pull thread ends to gather batting over flowerpot; knot ends together to secure.
For each set of arms, thread wire through one cinnamon stick and button hole, then back through button and cinnamon stick; continue for opposite arm.  Leaving one inch between arms, twist wire ends to secure.
Glue arms and head to top of body.
For snowman hat, glue short ends of hat crown together.  Center and glue crown on brim; glue top on hat.
Glue hat on snowman, earmuffs on snow lady and remaining buttons on bodies.  Tie a 1x0 inch homespun scarf around each neck.  (Original Source:  Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 2, pp. 21, 25, and 123)
Snow Couple Bell Ornaments Google Docs Pattern

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