Monday, April 15, 2013

Small Home Decorating Tips

Here are a few tips I have gleaned while trying to scale down to a small home (1400 sq. ft.).


The more floor seen—the larger the room will feel—so have furniture that shows the floor.  Incorporate narrower furniture.  It can be a long couch (10 feet!), but if it’s narrow, it will take less space.  Flat screen TV’s have made all the difference in our home!  It’s the same principle.  Choose less bulky furnitshings.

Clean and Uncluttered

Show as much window as possible and clean them regularly.  Hang drapes higher and the room will seem taller.  Every time you bring new stuff home whether it’s books, collectibles or any kind of decorations—take something out of the home.  Cluttering the house, coffee table and shelves with stuff can make a home feel smaller. 


I lean towards vintage furniture especially from the forties and fifties that was designed for smaller homes.  When refurbishing, I prefer slipcovers or reupholstering that will show the legs which are often interesting anyways (and shows more of the floor). 


Finally, don't be afraid to consign or donate extra stuff that just doesn't fit.  After going through this a few times, I'm less likely to make purchases without fully considering their impact on my space.

Do you think more people are scaling down to smaller spaces to live in lately?  This seems to be a new trend these days.  What do you think?

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