Thursday, January 9, 2014

Updated Armoire in Vintage Green

Finally!  With the help of my husband, I finished this DIY armoire.  I painted the whole thing a vintage green with oil-based paint because the wood was not in very good shape.  There was a very heavy mirror in the door that I took out because I wanted to do something a little French country by adding toile and chicken wire in the door.  I will reuse the mirror by having it professionally framed and hanging it horizontally on a wall. On the back of the mirror (which is original to the armoire), was the date November 16, 1928.

My husband made new feet because the ones that were on it did not look original to the piece and did not really match.  My inspiration comes from

Flea Market Finds Before & After: Home Decorating with Makeover Miracles.


With all my DIY projects, I am kind of trying things out on a smaller scale that I might want to do for a bigger project later.  For instance, these knobs very cheaply purchased from Target, are what I would like to buy for my kitchen cabinets when I someday update them.  I would buy a more expensive and durable brand than these because they have already had to be repaired with strong glue.

Also, I love the mini green-tinted glass tiles for a kitchen back splash.  I would really like to use them on an even bigger scale in the bathroom (subway tile-size).  My husband put this tile on the lower top of the dresser.  I wanted this part of the dresser to be more durable.  I learned quite a bit about glass tile by doing a small-scale project with them.  Over-all, I am pretty satisfied with how the dresser turned out and I think this update will last for a long time and helped to protect such an old piece of furniture that probably was not very expensive to begin with.  I find this vintage armoire to be a charming addition to my home.

My big passion these days is to study every blog post I can find to prepare me for tackling my old kitchen cabinets.  I am absolutely terrified of painting them because I want them to be free of streaks and drips.  I have found some really great ideas with this problem and how to antique the cabinets as well.  Here is my Pinterest board for all the cool ideas I have found for my cabinet re-do project.  Please send me any of your favorite Pins as well and let me know if you have a similar board so I can follow it!

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