Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christmas in July

Many families have what they call a "Family Night" where they make sure that at least one day each week, the family gets together to spend time with each other.  I'm always looking for meaningful, original ideas to do on Family Night.  I found just such an activity in the Ensign, a religious magazine, to get family members involved in disaster preparedness planning.  This activity helps the family prepare for times of need by having a "Christmas in July" party.  

In the south where I'm from, there is already harvesting and canning to be done in July as a new late crop is planted.  The "canners" in the family can give gifts of canned fruits and veggies.  Others can buy much needed food storage supplies such as a new box of jars.  Many items such as seeds go on sale by this time and would make great gifts that can be stored in Ziploc bags in the refrigerator ready for a future garden's bounty.  The following is an excerpt from the Ensign and shows many other ways to prepare:
In one month--on July 25--we will have "Christmas."  My brother made this announcement as he produced a large paper Christmas tree.  We will surprise each other with gifts for our year's supply.That night we had a family discussion on storing food and other items so that we would be self-sufficient in times of need.  Our family had a testimony of this principle; only a few years before, our home had been damaged by the Teton Dam floodwaters, and we remembered how grateful we had been that we were prepared during that crisis. As our "holiday" approached, each of us worked feverishly on our gifts.  My mother tied quilts.  My sister saved some money from her part-time job and bought a case of soap.  Another sister assembled a first-aid kit.  We grew closer to each other as we worked together to prepare ourselves.In some ways, our family home evening on July 25 was as much fun as Christmas morning.  And what a wonderful feeling to carry those gifts down to our storage shelves and know that we had become more prepared!  ~LaDawn G. Dalton, ("Do Not Open until July 25," Ensign 6/89)

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