Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 Things I Learned from My Mom

Mom holding my younger sister.
  1. Mom always supported our church leaders as I was growing up.  She always said good things about them and was never derogatory.
  2. Mom cooked dinner most nights, even though she worked full-time as a secretary.
  3. Mom made sure that we kids saw every landmark in Alabama and a few in other states as well.
  4. Mom always offered to give rides for church events, did her share of carpooling to early morning seminary, and paid $5/week for gas when we carpooled with others.
  5. Mom made sure our Primary Talks were prepared and well-rehearsed for Sunday.
  6. Mom took us to nice restaurants and taught us how to behave properly. We tried exotic things such as hot China tea and egg drop soup.
  7. Mom made sure we spent a lot of time with our Grandma (her mom).  We went to every family event and stayed the entire time.
  8. Mom tried to get us to learn to play the piano.  She encouraged me with drawing and painting.
  9. Mom made sure we were exposed to great literature and movies.
  10. Mom made sure we were active in church, even when she didn't come regularly.

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