Monday, June 20, 2011

Tweaking the Ideal

My Grandma was a great example of a working homemaker.  No birthdays were forgotten.  Active at church.  No meals left unprepared.  Visitors were always welcome at a moments notice.  Her home was always clean and her garden full of tomatoes.  And she retired from working for the state as a secretary!  Sickening!  Though Grandma might have preferred to stay home (maybe?), she always put family first.

Barbara B. Smith, past general Relief Society president, explained that if need forces the providing role upon a mother, it is critical that she be able to work as few hours as possible to leave time for homemaking and the nurturing of her children.  “The counsel to all members to acquire training and knowledge as a hedge against a time of need is one of our best ‘storage’ concepts.”  (Barbara B. Smith, “Makers of Homes,” Ensign, Mar. 1979, 24)

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