Thursday, July 28, 2011

Activities for Girls

We had a fancy Tea Party where the girls dressed up and Elise shared a funny story about Manners.

Each girl was given a chance to share at the meetings if they wanted to.  This actually cut down on a lot of interruptions.  Elise is sharing her photo album I made her.  We must have just finished Girl Scouts because she still has her vest on.  The meetings were usually held at my house which was five minutes from the church.

In the Creative Memories Tradition, Elise's Achievement Days Scrapbook Pages.

In June we had a Daddy/Daughter Activity--Making Stools.  Many dads took off early from work to be at the activity.  We arranged for one girl to have a "proxy dad" since her dad couldn't be there.

 Baking Cookies for a Service Project was a favorite activity for the girls.

A One Day Camp Clinic at a Girl Scout Camp in Elba, AL where we went for a hike, cooked over an open fire, made a craft, etc.

Ornament Swap Christmas Party, found at Christmas Traditions, part 4

Favorite Achievement Days Girls Resource:  Achievement Day Activities, by Diane Mangum ISBN 1573451967

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