Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homemade Firestarters

Homemade firestarters work really great!  You'll have a blazing fire in no time.  First is a tutorial for an easy way to recycle egg crates, candle wax, and dryer lint into firestarters.  Next, are the instructions for using pinecones from the yard to dip in scented candle wax and give as a gift basket.

Save cardboard egg cartons and keep one nearby the dryer when cleaning out the lint.  Place the lint in each egg opening.

I use stubs of candles and leftover candle wax.  Place them in a metal can inside a pan of boiling water.

When the wax is melted, pour it over the lint so that it soaks thoroughly.  They are easy to tear apart when you need to build a fire.

(photo from Gooseberry Patch Christmas 3, p. 52)
One thing we have plenty of around our house are pinecones.  These can be dipped in leftover candle wax that's already tinted to make a lovely fireside gift.  To de-critter, be sure to bake the pinecones on a foil-lined cookie sheet.  Space the pinecones evenly and bake for 35-45 min. at 250 degrees.  Watch carefully and handle with care.  Do not use for 24 hours.

Pinecone Firestarters Gift
Red or green wax dye (optional) 
"Christmas" scented oil (optional)
(or instead of the first three items, use leftover Scentsy or candle wax that's already scented and dyed)
Double boiler
Dry pinecones, free of any sap residue (see baking instructions above)
Wire or candle wicking
1.  Heat wax or paraffin in a double boiler to approximately 140 degrees.
2.  Hook a short length of wire onto pinecone.
3.  Holding wire, carefully dip pinecone into hot wax.
4.  Set pinecone on its base, and allow to cool and dry for a few hours before using.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a fabulous idea! I want to make these before our next camping trip.

Heather said...

Thanks! Takes just a few minutes to make and works as well as store-bought fire-starters.


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