Monday, February 6, 2012

Consistently Clean

I've found that when the family comes back to a clean, homey front porch, we are a lot more cheerful when entering our house.   At Christmas time I decorate the porch and even have scented candles burning and Christmas music softly playing.  My husband really enjoys this homecoming.  Be sure to clean exterior light fixtures, remove dead bugs and cobwebs on a monthly basis.  Also, clean windows, dust sills, clean floor, and spray for bugs.  It's easier to make a space homier if you have a large front porch or porch room, but even if all you have is a stoop, it can be clean, well-lighted and decorated with a few personal touches.

An alternative to spring and fall cleaning is to clean one room thoroughly at least once a month.  It is easier to remember to do this if the same day is scheduled for cleaning, such as the first Saturday of each month.

When cleaning any room, start with the closets, cupboards, and drawers.  Discard or give away the clutter.  Wash the shelves and drawers, then reorganize the remaining contents.

Every day make the bed and encourage family members to do the same--after all it's not a hotel.  Also, keep the bed clear of clutter!

First thing every morning or before going to bed each night, go around with a basket and pick up clutter and return them to the correct places.

Clean as you cook.  When washing dishes in the sink start with the least greasy items and work to the dirtiest so that your water stays cleaner longer.  Use an inverted metal colander on top of a hot skillet to catch splatters.  Then place in the dishwasher to clean.

Make lunches at night, and sweep the floor.  Plan tomorrow--what needs defrosting, what you're going to wear--write down tasks before sleeping.

Keeping all the cleaning supplies together in a bucket or other container can make cleaning a lot easier and train the family to put them back in the bucket too so you can find them more quickly.

Enact a "No Shoes" rule and your house will be a lot cleaner!

A great tip (since I'm a Scentsy Fan) is how to remove hardened melted candle wax:
Place candle holders upside-down in the freezer for about 20 minutes or longer; then take them out and place them on the counter.  The wax just falls out, (you may have to tap it lightly on the counter).

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