Monday, April 16, 2012

Nifty Recycling Bins

I picked up a copy of BH&G Big Style for Small Rooms 2012, and got a GREAT idea right off the bat--laundry baskets lined with plastic bags to make handsome recycling bins.

The baskets are actually laundry baskets.  I don't normally buy tall kitchen garbage bags, but I bought the odor control kind because I'm keeping this conveniently on the porch.  We live an hour away from any recycling places, so we don't make trips often.  The taller receptacles not only store more recycling, but we can use the tall bags to simply lift them out and throw in the back of the truck and carry to the recycling plant.

I rinse out all of my recycling before placing in the bins.  This can be done by filling the sink with water and rinsing small batches of recycling as they pile up on my counter by the sink.  I use a baby bottle scrubber to clean cans with sharp edges.  (Can openers can be purchased that don't leave sharp edges).  Rinsing cuts down on odors and pests.

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