Monday, November 5, 2012

Eliminating Closet Clutter

While some would like to convert a whole room into a closet, if I could do away with closets altogether I would.  I personally don't like anything that attracts clutter like closets, garages, basements, and sheds.  However, I don't mind adorable little girls that fall asleep in their closet ;o)  I have a neighbor friend (mother of 14 children-half are now grown) who uses only old-fashioned, small armoires as closets.  They built their home without closets!  Ain't no clutter there, I can tell you!

First Step to Clutter Freedom

Take everything out of the closet and if necessary make any repairs to the space.  Kids can be really hard on closets and they may have to be re-painted every so often.  When cleaning and organizing a closet, you want all storage space to be see-through so you don't have to look for items.  Hang belts, bags, purses and shawls on the wall and put shoes on a rack.  Put sweaters in a box on the shelf at the top of the closet.  Give the closet an overhaul every six months before the next season begins.  I like to take that time to decide what to give to charity and what to store (in a clear box) for the season.  Winter clothes should be stored over the summer and vice versa.  Tuck bay leaves and fabric softeners amongst the clothes to keep bugs away.

Give away clothes that don't fit...

buyer's remorse purchases, or clothes you like but never wear.  Take them to a favorite consignment shop.  Have a closet rule:  "one in, one out."  This will ensure that you buy only what you truly love and your closet isn't overrun with things you don't wear.  I enforce this with the family too.  If my son gets new sneakers, the old ones are used for yard work, etc. and the old-old ones are thrown out (cause they are pretty nasty!)  This applies to all clothing and accessories, however you will probably donate or consign the items that are in good condition rather than throwing them away.

Divide clothes into groups:

work, home and fun, dressy, and repair.  Use different colored hangers.  Hangers are really important!!!  It's worth the expense to buy good hangers and it's important to use them properly and not try to put too much on the hangers or rip pants off of a hanger.  I like the kind that have rubbery surfaces that keep pants neatly folded over and they don't slip.  They hold shirts in place as well.  Camisoles and spaghetti straps stay in place on hooks provided.  I keep the hangers that my skirts come with from the store (the kind that clamp on).  You can buy these at the store as well.  This is what I use for skirts.  You can also hang throws and table clothes with these, which make it easy to remember what linens you have.


Dianna said...

Thanks for the great advice. My daughter's closet right now is pretty much packed with old clothes, and I should probably get rid of them.

Heather A. said...

I know how you feel. I just got out all the high school pageant dresses and set aside a very few to keep, (I'm thinking future granddaughter dress-up closet!) These dresses cost a ton so I've decided to take most of them to a consignment shop and send my now-college-age girls the proceeds for a little "mad money."


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