Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homemakers: The Homebuilders of the World

Homemaking skills are so needed in this world.  Today, these important skills should not only be taught to daughters, but also to sons.  Here is the homemaking formula I found in an old church manual:
imagination + skill = creativity
creativity + production = satisfaction
homemaking x creativity = happy living
happy living divided among others = love

I like the idea of training oneself to be a homebuilder.  A certain amount of professionalism should be applied to building our homes.  You get so much more accomplished if the job is taken seriously.  As a homemaker for more than twenty years, I thought of myself as the manager of my own home.  As with all managers, the job requires organizational skills.

To be a successful homemaker it helps to study as much as possible the best ways to go about housework, food preparation, organization, decorating, taking care of plants, pets and raising children.  One homemaker gave the following description, "I learned organization as the mother of a four-year-old and newborn twins. I never got over it.  I still read things, and I write down little bits of information, for later use" (Mary Ellen Jordon Haight).

There are so many great blogs now that are much easier to read than volumes of books. God bless those people who break everything down picture by picture. There's a special place in Heaven reserved for these sharing teachers who do not assume we are all brilliant.  This is just one of the wonderful homemaking blogs available to us now:

homegrown mom

Friday, September 5, 2014

Quick Starts to Your Family's Day

Sometimes repackaging the food in your pantry can make them much more appealing to the household.  When food is getting overlooked, I fill a large bowl or basket with all the leftover items and dispose of their boxes.  Not only does this free up space in the cabinets, it also allows me to display on the kitchen table or counter the groceries that are being overlooked.

This bowl shows instant grits, poptarts, granola bars, and cocoa.  Other items we have had are the mini boxes of cereal and instant oatmeal.  I have done this over and over and believe me IT WORKS!  Not only are you making sure the family is fed in the morning, the cabinets are getting some weeding out as well.


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