Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Patty's Day Family Night

Just found this old homeschool photo "Green Eggs and Ham."
We did this for Family Home Evening last Monday night and my husband and 15 yr. old son clearly enjoyed the activity the most.  My husband was in charge of hiding the clues, and since we have a 21, 18, and 15 yr. old he made it hard.  He said it was more fun than hiding Easter eggs.  My son found the most clues.  We usually make the treat every St. Patty's Day, but I thought it went well with the activity.
Pot of Gold Coins
24 Ritz crackers
1 c. smooth peanut butter
2 c. butterscotch chips
Spread half of the crackers with peanut butter.  Top with second cracker.  Melt butterscotch chips and then dip crackers in butterscotch.  Place on wax paper to set, then gobble up.

Have a Treasure Hunt
Step 1 
Write the Clues.  Get seven pieces of paper and copy the following clues.  Be sure to write the clue number by each verse.

Step 2
Make the Treasure.  Find a shoe box to put the treasure in.  Then write a short note to everyone in your family, telling them how much you love them.  You may want to draw a picture of your family (I used a recently taken family portrait).  Put these treasures into the box.  [My Idea:  Maybe add the ingredients to the recipe for "Pot of Gold Coins" into the box to make as a family, after the "treasure" is found].  You can even wrap the box and put a bow on it.

Step 3
Hide the Treasure.  Keep clue 1 out to give to your family.  Then hide the other clues.
Clue 2--hide in a shoe somewhere in the house
Clue 3--hide behind a door
Clue 4--hide near a sink
Clue 5--hide beneath a chair
Clue 6--hide by a picture frame
Clue 7--Hide near a mirror
Treasure box--hide beneath a bed

Step 4
Assemble the Family.  Tell them they are going on a treasure hunt.  Give them clue 1 and HAVE FUN!

Clue 1  Roses are red, Violets are blue.  To find clue 2 Look in a shoe.
Clue 2  Wasn't that fun?  Are you ready for more?  To find clue 3, Look behind a door.
Clue 3  Move right along As quick as a wink And find clue 4 Hidden near a sink.
Clue 4  Getting tired?  Don't despair.  Go find clue 5 Beneath a chair.
Clue 5  You're doing great Playing this game.  Go find clue 6 By a picture frame.
Clue 6  You're almost through With your inspection.  Go find a clue By your reflection.
Clue 7  The game is finished, So go ahead.  You'll find the treasure Beneath a bed.

(Marene Ebert, "Have a Treasure Hunt," Friend, Oct. 1981, 8)

Try these Bierocks for an quick and easy "sorta American-Irish" meal.

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