Monday, July 4, 2011

Chick Lit for July

I love anything of Jan Brett's, but Comet's Nine Lives (ISBN 0590109723) definitely evokes a summer vacation feel--plus I love cats!
Comet Coloring Page
Nautical Flags
Summer Bookmarks
Sailor's Bracelet

Sending your little critters off to Scout camp this summer?  Prepare them by reading:
Little Critter at Scout Camp (0307126293) by Mercer Mayer, and The Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the Forest by Stan and Jan Berenstain (0394805658)

For something patriotic, Across America, I Love You (0439235901), by Christine Loomis and beautifully illustrated by Kate Kiesler is a panoramic view of our beautiful country.

Homeschoolers (and other conscientious parents) might include the following books by Jean Fritz for kid-friendly historical accounts of our country's founding fathers:
Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? 0590412000
Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams? 0590412027
Where was Patrick Henry On the 29th of May? (my ancestor!) 059041206X
What's the Big Idea Ben Franklin? 0590412051
Will You Sign Here, John Hancock? 0590412035
(Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman)

My favorite Values-Based books are by Stan and Jan Berenstain:
The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed (0394873319), Get in a Fight (0394851323), The Golden Rule (0310712475), and my favorite--Forget Their Manners (679860347).

Go to my post, Chick Lit, for more books to read to and with children.

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