Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy Outdoor Cooking Recipes

What's more fun than all outdoors?  Why, a winter picnic...an armload of firewood, plus this and that for outdoor cookery, kabobs, hotdogs, marshmallows, apples. 
 ~Shirley Paxman

 Easy Outdoor Cooking Recipes 
These recipes are tried and true!  Make sure your coals are not too hot (tell your husband)!  They are sooo delicious, easy, and have a minimal of clean up.  The box oven is totally cool!  You can bake all kinds of things in it.  They can be reused until the aluminum foil starts to break down.  Usually you can replace the foil.  These recipes will help you to learn to cook outdoors which is a great Emergency Preparedness skill.
Found a great article on foil cooking with every thing you need to know!  
"A Perfectly Portable Picnic," Ensign, June 1983

Box Oven (should be covered inside and out!)

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