Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Young Women Favorite Things

Even though a lot of Personal Progress requirements can be accomplished as a group in Young Women's, some have to be done at home.  It's always nice when family members help and share with these experiences.  A favorite YW site to begin with is Christy's Young Women Pages, (also known as Christy's Clipart).

The schedule to this YW camp can be found at my post:  Camping, part 1.  The girls camped at one of our family's favorite Georgia State Parks:   F.D. Roosevelt.  They visited the nearby attraction, Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

I wish more of these were kept short and sweet!  With lots of food!!!

I was so disappointed when I went to my first YW camp.  I finally skipped the third year (and had to make it up later), because I expected to really do some camping!!!  Like hikes that were in picturesque locations and fun instead of drudgery.  I wanted to cook real food over an open fire--not just make s'mores.  Most years it was down-right boring--no camp songs, no wide games, no time to make friends.  That's why, even though I was never a Girl Scout, I became a Girl Scout leader where I learned all of the things I always felt were lacking from YW Camp (not the YW Relief Societyish Retreat that they have now become)!  At least my daughters got to do the things (and me too) that I had always wanted to do in Young Women's.  At my post, Camping, part 1, you'll find recipes, etc. for YW or Girl Scouts.

See my post, Camping, part 1, for YW craft ideas.  They never did these at our YW camps so we had fun doing these crafts over the summer at home.

See my post for beautiful knitted hangers that the young women might enjoy learning to make:  Active Meditation.  The shown hangers were store-bought and presented to the young women at a Stake New Beginnings.  There was a poem about wearing a white dress at the girls' temple marriages.

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