Friday, November 12, 2010

November Traditions

Thanksgiving is my favorite costumes, no suitcases, no gifts, no basket grass and half-eaten marshmallow eggs, no flags to fly, no pageants to prepare.  Just friends and family bowed together before Heavenly Father.  ~Katherine Wirthlin Cannon

"Family Night"
As a family, read the books from the book list below and finish by telling the story of the Five Kernels of Corn.  For a special treat, make the Blessings Mix as a family and deliver some of the mix with the Turkey-Gram poem to a family or special person you know could use a happy surprise.

Thanksgiving Chick Lit
Sarah Morton's Day, A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl, by Kate Waters (ISBN 0590474006)
Thanksgiving Day, Gail Gibbons (0823405761)
Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit, Norman Bridwell (0590469878)

Did You Know...
Five Kernels of Corn
Many years ago during one of the early winters, the Pilgrims had very little food.  Because their corn supply was gone, each Pilgrim was given only five grains of corn to plant.  The following years they had more corn, but the Pilgrims wanted their children to always remember the sacrifices and the hardships that made the survival of their small settlement possible.  So each year when they celebrated Thanksgiving, they placed five grains of corn by each plate.  Some families still honor this tradition, so they won't forget the early days either.  

Thanksgiving Blessing Mix
Bugles corn snacks
candy corn
dried or candy fruits
peanuts or sunflower seeds
Combine desired amount of Bugles, pretzels, candy corn, dried or candy fruit, and peanuts or sunflower seeds and place into a snack baggie.  Attach the following:  Bugles corn snacks- a cornucopia, Pretzels- arms folded in prayer.  Candy corn- the five kernels of corn each of the pilgrims were allotted per day during their first winter because food was so scarce, Dried or candy fruits- Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest, Peanuts or sunflower seeds- seeds represent the potential of a bounteous harvest for the next season if they are planted and well-tended.

Deliver goodies anonymously to your friends with this cute poem.

Turkey trot, Turkey run, Time to have Thanksgiving fun!
Turkey right, Turkey left, Placed some treats upon your step.
Turkey sandwich, Turkey ham, Gobble up this Turkey-Gram!

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