Sunday, July 24, 2011

Star Spangled Shelf Paper

We used the "Star Spangled Shelf Paper" to edge the table.
I was always impressed with Laura Ingalls Wilder's mama.  No matter how many places that husband of hers drug her out to, she would try to dress it up a little--even a sod house which was normally considered very temporary housing.  In one book, Laura describes her mom making her own shelf edging to make the shelves a little more attractive.  I thought this would make a nice decoration for our dessert table at our Achievement Days Country Fair.  Here's how to do it:
I used packaging paper and taped pieces of paper together as I needed to.  Then you fold the strip of paper into 1/2-inch accordion pleats.  Cut out half a star.  A star cookie cutter or printing off a star from the computer and using it as a pattern by folding it in half would work.  I also gave the according fold a scalloped look so it looked lacy.  Carefully unfold the paper and smooth it out.  Fold the edge with the stars down so that the stars hang down over the edge of the shelf.  Secure the paper on the shelf with pieces of tape if you want to.

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