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Young Women's Camp

We used to donate a homemade quilt at Girls' Camp each year in our current stake.  It was the best service project!  Below is the first Girls Camp Schedule that my oldest daughter attended.  It was a S.A.F.A.R.I. theme (Stand As Faithful And Righteous Individuals) and was held at a state park in Georgia near an actual safari park with exotic animals.  I always loved going to state parks and girl scout camps for Girls Camp.  It was fun to see other locations to camp at.  This camp was well-organized combining the traditional with a new twist.  It's a nice memento and might be useful to others.  
Here's some camp songs.

I recorded these fun YW Camp crafts here in case the link ends up missing from http://www.christysclipart.com  Even though my own girls never did these particular crafts at Girls Camp, we still got to do them at home.  I've been a fan of Christy's sight for maybe ten years! 

YW Value Matches:  Using crayon wax, dip "strike anywhere" matches in the colors of the Young Women Values and put in ziploc snack baggies with this poem attached:  "In my hands I hold a match whose flame is small to see.  And if I give but one light to you, my life is filled for me.  But...In your hand you hold a torch for many eyes to see.  So hold it high that they may light their candlewicks from thee." 

YW Theme Shelf Sitter - Value Experience 6 (Christy's Y.W. Pages) 
Purchase a 4" x 4" post.  Have the folks at the hardware or lumber store cut it into 4" lengths.  Sand the sides and corners of each cube.
On the night of the activity, have the girls paint their blocks one of their favorite colors, using acrylic craft paints (they dry faster).  You can dilute the paints and do a dry brush "wash" effect, or a pickling effect by putting the paint on then rubbing parts off.
As the blocks dry, have a short lesson on the YW theme, and what different parts mean.
When the base coat is dry, the fun begins.  You can have stencils, patterns, images (to decoupage) and sandpaper ready.  Have the girls paint the words to portions of the theme on each side of the block.
1. Sacred Covenants
2. Stand as a Witness
3. Strengthen Home and Family
4. Receive Ordinances of the Temple
5. Blessings of Exhalation
6. We are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father
When the painting is done, use the sandpaper to rough the edges, and age the blocks.  You can also add a light coat of stain to age them even more.
During the week, the YW can have a different part of the theme showing for each day simply by turning their shelf sitters.

Hobby Lobby Sample
Fabric Scrap Flip Flops in the Young Women Value Colors
flip flops
bandannas in value colors
Pinking shears
Trim off the hemmed edges of each bandanna.  Cut 1" x "8 pieces from the bandannas.  Use pinking shears to trim around each piece.  Wrap the pieces around the straps of the shoes and tie a knot.  Alternate the colors and push close together to make fuller.  Repeat until both straps are covered.

 Sample Stake Girls Camp Itinerary 

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