Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flip Over Old Fashioned Games

The instructions for two games we played in my Children's Pioneer Day Event post are given below.  I also included more old-fashioned games and their instructions.  Of course these are games the neighborhood friends and I played as kids and I am not that old--so they have really stood the test of time.  I remember teaching them to my children and anyone else's kids that just happened to be around.

Duck, Duck, Goose Everyone sits in a big circle, with one person standing on the outside of the circle.  That person (the standing person) on the outside walks around the circle touching each person on the head, saying "Duck, duck, duck, etc."
When they decide to, the standing person touches someone's head and says "GOOSE!"  Then the person who has been "goosed" (the sitting person) jumps up and chases the other person around the circle before they get back to the "goosed" position and sits down in the circle.
If the sitting person catches the standing person, the standing person has to go again.  But if the standing person reaches the empty spot in the circle, the sitting person becomes the standing person.
This goes until everyone is tired of playing.

Button-Button, Who's Got the Button? Everyone sits in a circle, with one person standing.  That person puts a button between his/her hands (like they were praying) and you are basically trying to pass the button from the
person standing to one of the people sitting, without everyone else knowing.  You go around the circle pretending to pass the button off to everyone, then everyone else has to guess who has the button.  Hence, "Button-button, who's got the button?"  (Instructions for this game are also included on the "Flip Over Old-Fashioned Games,"-- from an Achievement Days Girls' activity book that I no longer own and don't remember the source).

Other games:  fishing pond, horseshoes, handcart races (wheel barrow races) and Pioneer Laundry Race:  2 washboards (or wide pieces of wood) and children take a piece of clothing out of a bucket full of water, wash it three times on the washboards and carry to another bucket and squeeze out water.  The team with the most water in the second bucket won.

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