Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Albums

Elaine Cannon, former general Young Women president, said, "Our posterity has a right to know their roots without scrounging for them."  That's why I am dedicated to making sure I leave my own information so that my descendants won't have to work so hard to find out about me or our family and ancestors.  I consider it keeping my genealogy up-to-date! Here are my scrapbooking and family history posts, etc.

Family History Posts

Family History Quotes
Anyone can leave money to their children, grandchildren, etc.  But we are the only ones who can leave them our memories, and they are truly worth more than money. ~Ethel Jackson Price

If you are going to write about your days, you had better be doing something to write about. ~Caroline Eyring Miner

Three Best Family History Books
Scrapbooking with Memory Makers
This is literally the best scrapbooking book that I have found and I have looked at a lot of them.  I have gotten so many good ideas for pages in my albums, such as creative ideas for all the leftover photos.  (ISBN 0883639289)  
Family History Scrapbooking by Becky Higgins
Everything you need to know to get started (and be really organized) with family history scrapping. (ISBN 1933516623)
Timeless Treasures by Emilie Barnes
This is a charming little book that I kept (and I don't keep many) because of all the great family history ideas such as having everyone outline their hands on a sheet used as a Thanksgiving or Christmas Day tablecloth and then later embroidering this or turning it into a one-of-a-kind quilt.

Stake/Ward-Branch/Home Visitor's Guest Book:  “The Lord has called a modern prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball. It is a great privilege to live at the same time as President Kimball. I remember when I was in Oklahoma with a man whose father had been a stake president there for about fourteen years. The stake president kept a visitor’s guest book for General Authorities and other special guests to sign. It was a pretty thick book, as I recall, and it had the signatures of Joseph Fielding Smith, Matthew Cowley, Adam S. Bennion, and other great leaders. There was space for the date and the person’s name, position, and hobby. Under one entry in 1954 I read these words: ‘Name—Spencer W. Kimball; position—Apostle; Hobby—I love people.’ I kept turning the pages, and I saw that President Kimball had revisited the stake ten years later. Except for the date, everything was the same, including ‘Hobby—I love people.’ I think when the prophet loves us so much, we can love him and pray for him too.”  ~Vaughn J. Featherstone, Friend, Aug-Sep 1984

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